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interviews &
other sources

Published sources, interviews, and exhibits about Dawson

Dawson (front, second from left) in Yorkshire with U.S. delegation of miners,  1987.

Photo: “The News Line, June 20, 1987,” Kipp Dawson Papers, Box 6, Folder 17

Kipp Dawson holds a picket sign that says "AMWA Supports PATCO all the way" and wears a shirt that says "Women Miners can dig it too!" A reporter with a video camera stands in front of her, shooting footage of Dawson.
Dawson speaking to a reporter about striking air traffic controllers (PATCO), September 1981.

Photo: Courtesy of Kipp Dawson

Dawson (front, second from left) in Yorkshire with U.S. delegation of miners,  1987.

Photo: “The News Line, June 20, 1987,” Kipp Dawson Papers, Box 6, Folder 17

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